About our company

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Comentarismo was founded in 2014
with the idea of helping internet users to browse through website's comments.
As an avid readers of website comments and product reviews, we have been very vocal about fostering more valuable commentary over the Internet, and we think we have gone a long way towards making that goal a reality.

Quality of comment sections is not an issue for just individual news sites, it’s an issue for us all. The back and forth arguments, the insults to authors, the irrelevant off topic posts. It mostly would turn off more measured contributors who have something relatively valid to add.

The reason people comment on articles is because they want their opinions to be heard and they feel like they have something important to say. That's why we developed a tool which helps you create a informative atmosphere, discover new comments and get instant suggestions using our recommendation engine. You can also hang around a bit longer, create a profile, discover interesting people, and analyze what matters to you.

Meet our Team.

Thomas Modeneis
Founder, CTO
Katarina Dabo
FE Developer
Ivens F. V. Signorini
Lead Developer
Fabio Cruz
Integration Architect
Cristiano Mazzon
Solutions Architect